Does fake breasts make me a fake person?

My Breast Augmentation

Thoughts on the intellect: The reason why complete women retain implants as some sort of ultra NSA top secret lockdown piece of information? So many women want them, so many actually get them and an alarming amount of those women try to hide the fact they got them.

I got them, I’m happy and not ashamed that it made my life a little bit better.  I highly recommend my doctor who has a great free consultation for breast augmentation in Utah, better than anyone else in Utah in my opinion. (I shopped around allot)

Isn’t this 2015? I walk around and people either give me the evil witch eye or they stare like they are trying to decide if they are fake or not. They are fake people! Who cares, I had small tits, I felt self conscious , so I took action and took care of it and now I am happier for it. No-one freaks out when somebody losses al lot of weight? Why? Because you can do it “naturally” well if there was a way to get bigger boobs without having to get surgery then of course I would prefer that method, but guess what there isn’t. We unnaturally fix our teeth all the time, but no one is excused of being “fake” or a “bimbo” with a perfectly naturally shining straight white smile.

Hypocrisy I tell ya.

Its something well documented in this general plastic surgery article on wikipedia (it’s actually really interesting how stuff like this works in society)

I’ve got a family group friend exactly who handled she is into a mommy transformation after only two kids, yet when you ask the woman’s in relation to the woman’s expertise your lover freaks out-end of report. Can’t mention this. I am the alternative. I am incredibly open up in relation to the a surgical procedure, simply because exactly who actually gives a flying shit?

My boobs are fake. Whats the big deal? Have you never changed something about yourself that you didn’t like? I bet you have , so if you are lumping me into some negative category in your mind because of my fake boobs then maybe you are not the type of person that I should be associating with anyway.

Really its like getting braces, its not possible naturally, so it’s not a big deal.

Being open up & honest features it is concerns. Our breast development has become a 2010 striking handbag regarding ridiculous young ladies that will attempt to injure the inner thoughts. I’m sorry, yet when you wear some sort of heavily shock absorbing bra with an increase of cushioning and then Nikki Minaj’s bum & an individual discuss shit in relation to me-you’re mental! Busty implants automatically spell out “BIMBO”. Sometimes any kind of excuse will be used to eliminate the possibility an individual could just be a beautiful particular person,  inside or even out-or both!

My boyfriend and I joke about my boobs all the time. How much better they are now then they were after I was done having kids, how much more he enjoys them and seeing other men check them out. We are human, but still inside of us we  have a little bit of monkey still running the subconscious. Its funny how something so simple as bigger boobs can have so many implications!

I guess every person’s scenario differs from the others. In the event you retain an individual a surgical procedure some sort of solution, Lets hope you recognize you might be typical. You are not a cheap slut. You are not classless. You are not some sort of sell available. You are not a unappealing colossal, beautified by means of dollars. You have increased your own correct personal, major work. My partner and i consider pride inside effort this had taken me to purchase these types of little ones, & I am not really uncomfortable for being “fake”.

Below is a video that helped make the decision finally this girls body type is very similar to mine and I loved the content of the video.

In all seriousness, if you want a boob job, look into it, don’t wory about the stigmata. If you want them, get them. It’s that simple.

Breast Implants in Salt Lake City Utah

My breast implantsHere at I occasionally like to journal. Recently I took a trip to Salk Lake City Utah and I couldn’t believe the amount of ‘large’ busted women I saw.

I went to City Creek mall which is a mall that was funded and created by the LDS church. I couldn’t believe how many women I saw that obviously had breast augmentation surgery done. It seemed as if 1 in every 10 women had a boob job.

That seemed a little contradictory to me as I was told Utah was the most religious and conservative of all the states in the USA. I’m from Iowa and out here women with breast implants are few and far between. In fact, it’s almost a rare occurrence to spot one.

But this last breast seeing women with breast implants in Salt Lake City Utah seemed to be a dime a dozen.

Why so many boob jobs in SLC?

Like I mentioned, it was very bizarre which lead me to question why? Why so many boob jobs? I talked with a few other people who I was traveling with and they were just as perplexed as I was. One evening we went to a restaurant that was pretty laid back in the downtown area. We had a few drinks and got friendly with the table next to us. After a bit of small talk I just popped the question.

“Why so many women with breast implants around here?” One dude answered pretty authoritatively. His theory is that the LDS church sets up a social hierarchy similar to ones that places like Hollywood have. People are all clamoring for status and a nice wrack ultimately ups a women’s social value in the overall hierarchy.

This made sense to me so I accepted his response and now I’m sharing it with the world here on

I linked above to the doctor that I have recently gotten a free consultation from and it looks like I will be joining the foray of blessed women with nice racks. It sounds so funny and so cheesy but I can understand my plastic surgery is such a booming business.  As lame as it seems, your chest size does matter in relation to self perception and how other perceive you. In a society where we can’t help but naturally size each other up (no pun intended) the idea of having a bigger chest size is increasingly more and more an attractive as an option.

So i will probably post some more about my experiences and if I feel like “moving up in social class” is worth the pain and money involved in breast augmentation.

I’m thinking that it  will be worth it.

Hope the millions of followers and our huge daily readership has a good day.

Whatever you do, dont get breast implants like these in this wikipedia article. And if you feeling brave you can see how it’s actually done in the video below.

Love, Bethany.